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Cyberflix TV APK For Android

If you have been a user of the Terrarium application and are looking for an alternative to watching free movies, we have a solution for you. We present the free application Cyberflix TV APK which has most functions and offers free multimedia browsing.

CyberFlix is much better than the competition because it has the highest ratio of displayed videos among all applications of this type. Currently, it is one of the best apps and has a lot of users. What this application supports more platforms is why it is gaining popularity.

Please note that applications that offer free movies and TV shows are safe to use only using VPN to change our IP address. It allows you to be anonymous on the web and increases our privacy. Some people in the forums think that Cyberflix does not work, but it’s probably caused by one of the problems we will describe in this article. We will show how to deal with them so that the application works and provides free entertainment without any obstacles.

Cyberflix APK is 100% safe because it does not provide any pirated content directly. The application works on the principle of sharing and playing movies from external servers. No files are hosted on the CyberFlix application servers.

You already know what the Cyberflix application is. Now we present a list of the most important features we offer and we’ll show you step by step how to install the APK file on the Android mobile device

Download Cyberflix APK For Android

Cyberflix is an application that is very similar to Terrarium TV, so if you used Terrarium and are looking for a similar solution, our app is just for you. Most of the functions that have Cyberflix and the interface is practically the same. This is a cloned version of the streaming application, so we recommend downloading and using it. Now we will show you how to download and install the app on your Android device. The process is straightforward; everyone can handle it. If you do not know how to do this, read the manual and follow step by step.

Step 1: Download Cyberflix APK From Our Website

To download the installation file, click the Download button on our website. Many sites offer Cyberflix for download, but we do not recommend downloading it from a different location than this one. It may happen that the application will be infected, so download only from a trusted source. You will not download this application from the official Google Play store because it is an independent application and is only available on sites such as this one.

Step 2: Enable The Independent Sources Option

The default Android settings do not allow the installation of independent applications. Therefore you should enable the Unknown sources option in the device settings. To do this, enter the settings, then the Security tab, and allow the Unknown sources option. It is now possible to install the application from the outside

Step 3: Install The APK File

To start the installation, locate the Cyberflix APK file in the memory of our device and then turn it on. The application installation will now begin. It may take a few minutes. After the installation is completed, the CyberFlix icon will appear on the main screen. From now on you can enjoy and watch free movies and series without restrictions!

CyberFlix apk

The Essential Features of Cyberflix APK

  • Cyberflix very often updates the database of movies and TV programs by adding the latest productions to the list, which is why you always have access to the best manufactures on your mobile device. The developers take great care to develop the application to be at the forefront and offer the best app on the market
  • Ability to watch movies and series in high definition. This is a big plus because most applications offer videos in low resolution. Thanks to Cyberflix, you can watch your favorite series in HD quality. To play HD movies, remember that you will need a good Internet connection to keep the video caching fast and efficient.
  • The application offers the ability to play video files using third-party players such as VLC or MX Player. It also has its own built-in media player, but every user has the choice of which player he wants to use at the moment. This is a very convenient option if you have your favorite media player
  • Cyberflix has the opportunity of handling subtitles for every movie and series that has subtitles. Subtitles are also supported by external players, which we mentioned in the predecessor’s point. This is another advantage of our application

CyberFlix apk download

How To Download The Cyberflix APK On Your Android Phone?

The enormous collection of video content in which the Cyberflix APK provides is different. Now, you might also think that it can take more storage space, but it does not. Also, it does not even compromise a little bit in the video quality too. Moreover, the entire videos are available in excellent sound quality as well as in HD format.

The user interface of Cyberflix is exclusive, very easy, and also user-friendly. With all these excellent features, this Cyberflix TV APK is entirely free to use without any cost. Also, there is no requirement for registration or signing up. So, you do not want to offer any personal information for utilizing this application.

The Cyberflix TV is 100% secure and safe as well as this app does not even have any advertisements while watching movies and TV shows, so you can enjoy the film without even any troubles and distract the viewers. If you wish to use this Cyberflix, you can simply check out the Cyberflix APK that is an excellent app for streaming movies and television shows.

If you are tired of looking application for movie streaming, you can simply approach with one of the most useful and excellent apps like Cyberflix TV that has included plenty of stunning features than compared to any other apps. It also brings you fantastic experience to PC users than compared to Android and iOS users.

CyberFlix android

Try The New Cyberflix Apk

Cyberflix is a TV and Movie Show APK, a clone of actually terminated terrarium television application, and it works amazingly and fabulously. This features pretty much the same settings and designs as terrarium but with a basket full of high and premium quality sources. This Cyberflix app is presently featured amongst the Best APK’s by the TROYPOINT.

Excellent Features Of Cyberflix TV APK

Cyberflix TV usually has unique characteristics. Due to the presence of these features, this is one of the most widely used apps in this part. Here are some significant features:

Multiple Subtitles

This Cyberflix app can support various subtitles, so you obtain almost each language subtitle.

Massive Collection

The Cyberflix always have tons of movie and TV shows. All media contents are available in the HD quality with 4k, 720p, and 1080p.

Support Real Debris

This feature creates Cyberflix TV further good to stream the media contents. The actual waste is a paid service that offers excellent sources to watch the TV series and movies in HD value.


One of the most excellent features in Cyberflix TV is entirely free and does not even have any subscription fee or any other registration.


Now, you can easily download any video in this app with a single click and then watch out your most favorite movies and television series on offline as well.

HD links

This Cyberflix app has an option to display only the HD links while filtering a CAM version link.


It offers notification when the new TV series or movies included. You can also alter the language of synopsis. This Cyberflix TV has a feature of TV calendar, where you can identify the upcoming television show episodes.

Video Players

The Cyberflix can support several video players such as cyber play, MX player, Exo player and VLC player.

Another Language

This app has some additional language TV series and movies with the individual category.

Integrated With TV

Due to this feature, you can keep track of the movies or episodes that you have already watched. You can also build your watch list.

Let’s now talk on Cyberflix television features and the things that you might get to experience with the Cyberflix android package.

Below mentioned are few of the most excellent features of the Cyberflix android package

  • More Video Sources
  • Very compatible with an External player like the MX Player
  • The pretty smooth and reliable streaming experience
  • Ready for an Android Television Box and fireTV Stick
  • No Advertisements
  • Inbuilt support for the Subtitles
  • User-friendly sort of interface
  • Supports Real Debrid
  • High Definition & complete HD Video sources
  • Well organized Movies & the television shows

Above mentioned points are a few of the features of the Cyberflix android package that one will get to experience when one uses the Cyberflix Android package on an Android device. All in all Cyberflix app has a lot more to offer and when you take a little precaution that will even enhance your overall experience.

Do Cyberflix Needs Root?

Well, no, It does not need the root access. One can install this application as you simply install other apps by regularly downloading the android package files.

Is Cyberflix An Ad-Free?

Yes, the team of Cyberflix does not want their users to get annoyed because of the displaying ads that are pretty annoying at times. Ever since the closing of a Terrarium television, there are around hundreds of streaming applications released but the only app which is closed to the terrarium or maybe better than the terrarium app is the Cyberflix app, which offers an extensive collection of the television shows and several movies on this application.

How To Download And Install The Cyberflix TV App In Android?

The Cyberflix app is one of the best applications for movies and TV series. One of the excellent features of this app are Cyberflix APK that available for Android TV boxes, smartphones, Android smart TV, KODI Android box, Android smartwatch, and many other Android operating devices. If you want to download and install this app in your Android phone, you want to follow the entire process to install this Cyberflix APK file as per given below:

  1. Initially, you have to download the APK file from a download button.
  2. Then, go to ‘Setting’ in followed by ‘Security’ and then turn on ‘Unknown Sources.’
  3. Now, you go to ‘Download Manager’ or ‘File Manager’ and then tap on the ‘APK file of Cyberflix TV new version.’
  4. It takes around a few seconds to scan this Cyberflix APK
  5. Now, tap on ‘Continue Installing.’
  6. Then, tap on the ‘Next’ and ‘Install’ button.
  7. Next, you have to wait until the installation process is finished.
  8. Tap ‘Done’ or ‘Open’ to launch.

What Is APK?

APK stands for an Android Package which is the file package format that is used by an Android operating system to distribute and installation of all the mobile apps and the middleware.

What The Cyberflix Apk Bring?

The Cyberflix app lets you watch the television shows and the movies online by using your android smartphones, Android TV box, alongside the Firestick or a FireTV. In case if you don't possess the latest Firestick or the FireTV, then you can go on to update this Cyberflix to its latest version.

The Cyberflix android package also backs the cast features straight from the app. One need not install another casting app. One can cast the Cyberflix android package on the television using the Firestick, Chromecast, or some other Miracast dongle.

How Can You Install Cyberflix On Android? (Instruction)

Cyberflix is a third-party application, meaning you will need to permit unknown installation sources on your smartphone to let the installation get success. Then you can run this application on your device. Now follow the below-mentioned instructions to install this Cyber Flix Apk on your mobile phone:

  1. First of all, Go to the Home Screen on your tablet or Android Phone and then download the Cyberflix app using the link and then save that android package to your phone.
  2. Now, go to Android’s Settings‘s Privacy/ Security then “Unknown Source”. Currently, under this tab, press on a slider that is just right next to Unknown Sources.
  3. Once you are done, get back to the same location where the downloaded Cyberflix android package file.
  4. Now, wait for a moment by the time the application is getting loaded on the phone.
  5. You can now click on the Cyberflix shortcut to open the app, and you can then open it and press on the install button to proceed with the process of the installation process.
  6. Kindly, go through the detailed disclaimer of the application to understand the application that is in the app and how that is to be run by the developers.

Now you have been able to install this Cyberflix app on your SmartPhone. Go on and you can now enjoy the several movies and the television shows on your device without paying any penny.

How To Download Cyberflix TV APK For Android Devices And PC?

If you want to use this application on your computer, it is possible. To do this, you must download and install the Android emulator for personal computers. We recommend BlueStack or Nox. After downloading and installing the program, download the Cyberflix APK file from our site directly from the emulator. When we have a file on the disk, it should be installed and then turned on. The application installation process, as described above and is the same as on Android mobile devices.

Cyberflix is currently one of the best applications for free streaming and watching movies and series on smartphones with Android. It has a lot of great features and a very easy to use interface, so a person of all ages can easily handle the service. The movie database, as well as the application itself, is continuously updated because you always have access to a new database of movies and series completely free. Do not wait any longer and download the app now to enjoy access to multimedia without restrictions on any device!

At present, plenty of video streaming apps available online. With these streaming apps, it can replace television sets. At present, you can watch out hundreds of television shows, movies, and TV series from these apps. With several such apps available in the market, the user might be quite confusing about selecting the right one.

Right now, Cyberflix APK is one of the most excellent streaming apps based on its database and performance as well. It has also obtained a vast database comprised of TV shows and movies of different genres. This includes the entire new movies, TV shows, etc. to create your leisure time very interesting as well as fun. However, the only thing you want to do is simply download this app on your Android or iOS devices, and also you want to check out the recent updates frequently.

Why You Should Download Cyberflix Apk

  • This Cyberflix app provides updates on regular intervals as the members of this app are pretty dedicated to give the best experience to their users.
  • All the movies and TV shows are available in HD resolution.
  • There are also no ads in this application.
  • Subtitles are available in about more than 220 Languages.

The Cyberflix app is 100% secure and safe. Also, this app got no ads so that one gets to enjoy the movies with no annoying ads that might distract the viewers and can even kill the experience of users.


This app is continuously getting improved with its every latest update. One will get everything on the Cyberflix app update. Various links are provided helpful and useful, which provides the user with the best quality content. The most remarkable thing about Cyberflix is its interface, and the inbuilt android mode allows the user to make use of the Cyberflix Android package on an android television box, Firestick, and Android Smart television. Above all, the content library is amazingly well organized that makes things very sorted and easy to access.

Cyberflix has an unusual all-new accumulation of several movies and the tv shows, which you can go on to stream on your tablet and an Android smartphone. Make sure you do not forget to use the VPN when you are streaming the movies on the Cyberflix television because the VPN ensures your safety across the network and then protects the device data when you are using this free streaming application. Take this wise step and get the IPVanish VPN and then proceed with the downloading of the Cyberflix app safely.


According to several types of research on the internet, the Cyberflix app is now available for different devices all over the globe. This app also describes the various features of this streaming app. However, Cyberflix APK is one of the excellent streaming service apps available in the market. This app is specially designed for streaming movies and television series on different devices throughout the world.

Overall, Cyberflix TV is a handy application that works well. It is also an excellent working type of fantastic use. It gives you entire essential features and, more fundamentally, a wide range of movies and series offered for free on the internet. Right now, this app alone has more than one million users who are pleased with this app in Asia and all around. Let you enjoy the movie with Cyberflix APK download and have a fun time.